A constructive way of resolving conflict

Nonflict: The Art of Everyday Peacemaking

Authors Dr. Amir Kfir and Stephen Hecht offer you practical information and easy-to-follow exercises for dealing with conflict, regardless of the cause. You will see how they have mastered the Nonflict way in their own lives, and will relate to many of their revealing examples. Nonflict is much more than another book about conflict resolution. Let the Nonflict way guide you to strengthen and build on your relationships at home, at work, or in the community. Soon, you will also realize that “conflicts are merely opportunities in disguise.”

“[Nonflict] helped me immediately with a vital meeting with my employees and their union.”
—Jason Rosset, CEO, Accuworx
“Nonflict helped [my students] resolve the most difficult conflicts we could imagine and to take these much needed valuable tools home to share with others.”
—Dr. Jim Torczyner, Professor of Social Work, McGill University


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Amazon #1 Best-Seller in Business Conflict Resolution & Mediation