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We are training Peacemakers around the world in our simple yet powerful three-step conflict resolution methodology, Nonflict.

Since launching just 4 years ago, over 145,000 people across 23 countries have been trained in Nonflict. Million Peacemakers has received awards from the YMCA and from YPO. The Nonflict way has been taught at renowned universities and business schools worldwide.

We are committed to empowering youth, families, and businesses to find freedom from conflict. Every conflict is an opportunity for greater understanding. 

From greater understanding, we can achieve peace — peace with ourselves, peace with others, and peace within our communities.

Join the movement. Contact us to learn more about how you can bring Nonflict to your family, team, or organization.

Co-Founder Stephen Hecht speech at the Vatican international conference on Religions and the UN SDGs 

Chief Executive Peacemaker

As a leader in family businesses, as a spouse, sibling, father, and stepfather, Stephen has resolved many challenging conflicts. Winner of the Canada Award for Business Excellence, Stephen has led educational events internationally that have won YPO's Best of Best Award.

Creator of Nonflict

Through Amirror, organizational psychologist Amir has been facilitating organizational transformation within companies worldwide for the past 25 years. As a YPO forum leader, he also facilitates Peace Action Forums between Israeli-Arab, Greek-Turkish, and Armenian-Turkish business leaders.

Director, Vice-President

Frédéric is a seasoned business Peacemaker. He has developed and advised businesses and non-profits in over a dozen countries, across diverse industries. As a former principal associate at McKinsey & Company, he led pro-bono work with global NGOs.

Director, Treasurer

With over 30 years in executive search, Mark has a proven ability to make a difference with Management, individual candidates and their families and to support all parties in achieving their goals and aligning on the same mission.

Director, Secretary

Laura is a YPO Chair of the Helping Disadvantage Kids Network and Vice-Chair for Sustainability Business Network. Currently she serves as an Ashoka Senior Advisor and speaks about Social Entrepreneurship at NYU, Columbia University, Fordham U, and other schools in NY, CT and DC.


A professional engineer and businessman with extensive experience in consulting, leading and facilitating people in corporations and volunteer organizations.  Driven by a desire to make the world a better place, build community, and improve personal relations.  Believes much of a person's success is tied to how well they manage conflict.

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