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Coming together from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, our trained coaches are the backbone of Million Peacemakers. Their ideas help shape the direction and mission of our organization as it continues to develop. Read on to learn more about some of our incredible team members.

Catriona Booth

Los Angeles

English, Spanish

An experienced senior strategic communications advisor and company director, Catriona has particular expertise in working with companies and management impacted by reputational issues, often brought about by unresolved conflicts. She is passionate about reducing and resolving conflict between companies, their leadership teams and company boards, particularly within private and family businesses.

Maria Sara Dijon


Coming soon

Manuel Francois-Saint-Cyr


English, French

Manuel is a native of Martinique. He has worked as a consultant across Canada, France and the French West Indies in fields such as health, aeronautics, IT, Telecomminicatins, and law. As a Nonflict Coach and a graduate of the ACTP program from Coaching de Gestion School he is ready to help people find the solutions they carry within to the conflict in their lives.

Jonathan Hecht


English, French

Jonathan is a Certified Nonflict Coach currently based in New York City. He specializes in working with businesses and community groups.

Laura Koch

New York City

English, Spanish, Italian

Laura is YPO Social Impact Networks Council Chair and CEO of a B Corp certified company. Currently she serves as an Ashoka Senior Advisor and inspires youth and business owners about “Using business as a force for good/ Corp Movement” and Social Entrepreneurship at NYU, Columbia & Fordham University, and other schools in NY, CT, DC Argentina, Spain & Italy.

Franco Lombardo


English, Italian, Spanish

Certified Family Enterprise Advisor. Franco strengthens businesses by uniting families. Franco has written five books and speaks internationally to help families benefit their future generations. Works globally.

Marisa Samek


English, French

Marisa is a certified Nonflict coach in Toronto, Canada. She works with startups and interdisciplinary teams to navigate and manage conflict effectively. She also works with families and teens.

Olga Silakaktiņa


English, Latvian, Russian

Through five years studying human biology and psychology, and fifteen years working in the field of communications, I have developed acceptance and understanding - skills that make communication meaningful. I have also practiced dance and gymnastics for ten years. This work and my studies have contributed to my holistic view on wellness; an important part of inner peace.

Ximena Véliz

Los Angeles & Geneva

English, Spanish, French

18 years global Intercultural Coach experience. Co-owner of a Well-being and Personal Development Center in Geneva, she worked prior at Geneva HQ’ed Multinationals, and Private Banking. Ximena leads workshops for a global executive search firm’s clients, to support Talent Development and Inclusion.

Marisa Zalabak

New York City


Marisa Zalabak, MA, is an Educational Psychologist, Public Speaker, Researcher,
Social Justice Activist, and Leadership consultant for Organizational Culture.
A specialist in social-emotional intelligence, creative thinking, wellness, conflict mediation, and restorative practices, she has trained thousands of professionals across sectors in business, education, and mental health. She has given leadership coaching focused on sustainability, and has worked on ethical standards in Artificial Intelligence.

Lesley-Anne Brown


English, French

Lesley-Anne coaches businesses in Toronto to resolve conflict in a way that nurtures respectful relationships amongst and between employers and employees.

Dominique Dumornay


English, French

As a Certified Nonflict Coach, Dominique specializes in working with families, couples, and faith-based organizations.

Andres Goldschmidt

Buenos Aires


Llevo a cabo un programa para escuelas, donde niños y adolescentes pueden entrar en su mundo emocional, reconocer la importancia de él y empezar a conocerlo e incorporar herramientas de coaching y resolución de conflictos.
Con Instituciones y Empresas el reto es siempre el mismo: desarrollar y ampliar las capacidades de cada una, y su autoestima, potenciando sus talentos.

Stephen Hecht


English, French

As a leader in family businesses, as a spouse, sibling, father, and stepfather, Stephen has resolved many challenging conflicts. Winner of the Canada Award for Business Excellence, Stephen has led educational events internationally that have won YPO's Best of Best Award.

Lev Kushnarev


English, French

Lev is a Certified Nonflict Coach based in Montreal. He is currently completing his Bachelor's degree at McGill University with concentrations in Industrial Relations and Psychology. He specializes in working with students and diverse community groups.

Jon Moyal


English, French, Hebrew

Over 10 years of non-profit consulting experience with a specialty in arts management. Multilingual and experienced in bringing together disparate communities and groups.

Doris Scheibenbogen


English, German

Doris is the founder of a consulting business and former managing director of her family owned company with more than 30 years of experience.

Mònica Soriano



I am a family business and conflict management consultant. I help family businesses create a safe space for the family unit where they can manage their conflicts constructively, unite more as a family and address all issues related to family and organization.

Dr. Florian Wende


English, German, French

About - Coming soon

Lysanne Bruneau


English, French

Executive and management coach in leadership, Lysanne has an experience of 25 as a Senior Human Resources Executive. Certified CHRP in HR and PCC by ICF – specialized in team management that includes conflict management and E.I.

Stanley Dumornay


English, French

20 years of community work and missionary services in various settings. As many years of couple and family coaching and conflict mediation. Open to travel and help build bridges where necessary.

Nathaniel Haeems


English, Hebrew

Nathaniel is an international Management Consultant specializing in communications coaching and facilitating organizations to be customer obsessed. Nathaniel’s focus is working with businesses and business leadership as part of training curriculums.

Dr. Amir Kfir


English, Hebrew

Through Amirror, organizational psychologist Amir has been facilitating organizational transformation within companies worldwide for the past 25 years. As a YPO forum leader, he also facilitates Peace Action Forums between Israeli-Arab, Greek-Turkish, and Armenian-Turkish business leaders.

Sule Kutlay


English, Turkish

Sule is a strategy consultant, an executive coach, and an international keynote speaker. She spent 10 years in advertising, and 15 years in business consultancy. Now, she coaches leaders to unleash their potential and increase their resilience. A graduate of Columbia University’s coaching program, she is also a Gestalt coach and NBI practitioner.

Rod Perry



A professional engineer and businessman with extensive experience in consulting, leading and facilitating people in corporations and volunteer organizations. Driven by a desire to make the world a better place, build community, and improve personal relations. Believes much of a person's success is tied to how well they manage conflict.

Patience Shutts

Los Angeles


As a Marriage Family Therapist and international leadership coach, she assists organizations, families and individuals navigate interpersonal and group dynamics. Focusing on empathy and curiosity, she teaches healthy, transparent and congruent communication skills.

Vincent Valeri


English, Italian

Vincent is a family business advisor. He provides strategic guidance and advice in areas of generational succession, wealth preservation, family dynamics, conflict resolution and relationships.

Thomasina Williams

Orlando, FL


Strategic Thought Partner, Consultant & Coach to enterprising families throughout the U.S., helping them have conversations about sensitive subjects, resolve complicate conflicts and make difficult decisions.

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