The Method

Three simple and powerful steps to transform conflict to Nonflict

The Nonflict way is a simple and effective 3-step method that provides a structured approach to conflict resolution. The steps lead people to understand themselves and one another, then to discuss their shared reality, and finally to take active steps to co-create their ideal reality. It was created by organizational psychologist Dr. Amir Kfir and inspired by interpersonal group processes from various fields.

How Conflict Can Become Nonflict

Learn about Nonflict from the book

Authors Dr. Amir Kfir and Stephen Hecht offer you practical information and easy-to-follow exercises for dealing with conflict, regardless of the cause. You will see how they have mastered the Nonflict way in their own lives, and will relate to many of their revealing examples. Nonflict is much more than another book about conflict resolution. Let the Nonflict way guide you to strengthen and build on your relationships at home, at work, or in the community. Soon, you will also realize that “conflicts are merely opportunities in disguise.”

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Amazon #1 Best-Seller in Business Conflict Resolution & Mediation


"Nonflict is a groundbreaking book for anyone who desires true nonflict (peace not conflict.) The book is a balance of education, exercises and personal sharing by the authors. There are chapters that support using these skills across all relationships and cultures. Nonflict is a paradigm shift in the approach to resolving conflict. Each aspect of the nonflict method is skillfully written and approaches the differences as opportunities to learn and grow. Blaming and shaming are not necessary; understanding the other's journey is. This "other" awareness also impacts one's self-awareness


"I've always considered myself a person who excelled at resolving conflict. So when I began to read "Nonflict: The Art of Everyday Peacemaking, I have to admit I was initially skeptical, as many of the notes seemed logical to me. But what Stephen and Amir have done here is create a sort of formula for analyzing and resolving conflict in a manner that can be adopted by those who react more emotionally, those who react logically and those who are a little bit of both.


"I recognize the power which the book holds to make a genuine contribution to conflict resolution processes in the world and to change people's lives. It provides a conflict resolution tool box. Allowing people to understand the steps and processes in a logical way to more effective communication and managing conflict. I believe this is a book that everyone should read to improve themselves, their relationships with others and their understanding of the world.

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