• A joint effort in providing humanitarian assistance to Ukrainian Refugees (UR) displaced in European countries

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 A community of professionals, coaches, activists, scholars, and students
co-creating a culture of peace 

Making a Global Impact

We've trained over  225,000 people in 23 countries. Some of these organizations include:

Audiovisual Conference



Street Graffiti

Mexico, Central America
Los Angeles

Christian Stammkoetter
Regional VP at Danone

We have brought in the Nonflict way in training our Management with the goal of transforming our diversity into an asset. We found it so effective...we are now sharing Nonflict throughout our entire organization

Are you ready to transform your conflict into Nonflict?

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Conflict takes a toll on precious time and resources. Our certified coaches can provide training for your management and staff. Get in touch to discuss your unique needs.

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